Self-Service Dog Wash


It’s Easy!
It’s Convenient!

Self-Service Dog Wash is Easy

We’ve got everything you need for a squeaky clean dog!

Self-Service Dog Wash is Convenient

Wash N’ Wiggle is convenient. Drop by after a romp at the park!

Promotes Bonding!
It’s Affordable!

Increase the bonding with your dog!

Self-service grooming promotes bonding with your dog!

Self-serve wash is affordable!

Do-It-Yourself dog wash is less than half of professional grooming costs!

Our self-serve dog wash offers you state-of-the-art facilities to wash and groom your dog.  It’s the low-stress, low-cost alternative to home bathing or the groomer!

Most pet parents would agree that keeping the family dog clean is a hassle.  We all know how much dogs LOVE to roll into the UNKNOWN, and come home looking like they were playing in a mud pit.  Not to mention, those fun trips to the dog park, where they get slobbered on while wrestling with their new furry friends!  The great news is Wash N’ Wiggle is nestled in the middle of two of North Jersey’s largest dog parks. (Central Dog Park and Lewis Morris Park in Morristown). Wash N’ Wiggle’s Self Service Dog Wash is a perfect way to end a great day at the park. Just stop by and enjoy washing your furry friend and bring home a squeaky clean dog!  No appointment is necessary, we have five private suites that are clean and sanitized, after each use and will be readily available.

Some people choose to wash their dogs in the backyard if the weather is warm. You could chase the dog around the yard with a hose, make mud puddles, ruin the grass with shampoo residue, and not really accomplish much. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could wrestle your dog into the bathroom, making a soggy mess of you, the house, and every towel you own.

Or, you could use another easy, low-cost option: the self-service dog wash at Wash N’ Wiggle.

Our self-service dog spas have private spa suites for you and your pooch.  The suites are equipped with non-slip flooring ensuring safety for all our customers – both two-legged and four!  With State of the Art Equipment to make washing your Pet an Enjoyable Experience!


Ultra Lift 3-Sided Splash-Protectant Elevating Fiberglass Tubs.Ultra Lift 3-Sided Tubs

Tubs lower to the ground and your dog can step right in through the removable door.  The tub is then raised to YOUR comfort level for washing the dog.

No more bending or lifting!

Tubs can hold up to 250 pounds.

No cold Stainless Steel! Our tubs are a Warm Fiberglass, with a floating non-slip floor, so your dog will not stand in dirty water

Tubs are ADA Compliant- Service Dogs Welcome!

Convenient Mobile Grooming Cart in Each Spa-

Fully Equipped with Towels, Grooming Tools, Chamois,  and Finishing Spray




The Bath Master Pro Bathing System:

  • Makes bathing pets easier & more enjoyable.
  • Gets the dirtiest dogs with the thickest coats ultra clean, in half the time.
  • Dogs enjoy the massaging effect that the bathing system provides.
  • Choose from 4 All Natural, Sulfate free,  Hypoallergenic Shampoos and Conditioners, that dispense through the spray nozzle and provide an excellent pattern and pressure for both washing & rinsing your pet.
  • Odor Eliminator Shampoo
  • Sensitive Skin- Hypoallergenic Shampoo
  • Oatmeal/ Aloe Shampoo
  • Citrus Plus Shampoo (NATURALLY repels fleas and ticks safely!)

All Supplies Provided!

  • Waterproof aprons, towels, chamois, brushes, scrubbies, premier shampoos, conditioners, and nail clippers.
  • High velocity pet dryers that are mounted in the ceilings with a control box at your fingertips.  This means less noise, while drying your dog quickly and efficiently.

Basically, everything you’ll need to keep your four-legged friend smelling and looking great, without the hassle and mess of home bathing.

NO worries – we clean up the mess!  Every room is sanitized after each use.


30 Minutes in Spa Room – $20 (Any Size or Coat)
$10.00 for each additional dog

*Free self-serve dog wash with your newly adopted dog and 10% off storewide on your first visit!  (Please bring in your paperwork from the rescue. Valid within 2 months of adoption.)

No appointment needed, just walk-in!

Don’t feel like washing your pet?  We will do it for you for an additional $10.00!

Do-It-Yourself Grooming! Want to have our professional grooming room available all to yourself? Inquire for pricing within.

A La Carte Items with Self Serve Bath:

  • Ear cleaner- $3.00 ($5.00 we do it for you)
  • Tooth brush and toothpaste- $5.00
  • Nail Trim-$10 (we do it for you)
  • Nail grinder rental-$5.00
  • Hair Clipper rental-$10.00
  • Specialty  Shampoos (Medicated Bath, Coat Brightener, Oatmeal/Aloe Conditioner)- $5.00 w/bath
  • Blueberry Facial- $5.00 (Great for Minimizing Tear and Saliva Stains)
  • Flea shampoo-$7.00 additional
  • De-skunking shampoo-$8.00

Preferred Customer Discounts:


Preferred Customer Packages:

  • 5 Self Serve Dog Washes- $80 (that means you pay only $16 for each wash, saves you $20)
  • 10 Self Serve Dog Washes-$150 (that means you only pay $15 for each wash, saves you $50) … In addition because you get 10 washes you get one FREE!
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